Business Bankruptcy Law Firm: Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Business Bankruptcy Law Firm: Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Law FirmCulhane Meadows is a full service business law firm.  The Firm’s Business Bankruptcy Practice Group concentrates in Business Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  From the outset, the firm strives to provide its clients an objective assessment of their options for reorganization and collection, and to represent them with a balance of zealous advocacy and practical wisdom.

The firm’s bankruptcy law firm practice encompasses all aspects of bankruptcy and the business restructuring process, ther the focus is Chapter 11 or an out-of-court workout.

The Firm’s bankruptcy law firm experience covers a broad spectrum of representation of individuals and businesses.

The Firm’s Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 experience covers a broad spectrum of industries including Construction, Oil & Gas, Securities, Hospitality (Hotels), Medical Facilities Acquisition, Acquisition/Divestitures, Real Estate, Aerospace/Aviation, Pharmaceutical Technology, Intellectual Property, International Business, And Joint Ventures/Strategic Alliances, and Mergers and Acquisitions.

The Firm has represented debtors, creditor committees, secured and unsecured creditors, trustees, equity holders, and asset purchasers.

Although the firm’s practice is focused on the Dallas and Fort Worth Divisions of the Northern District of Texas and the Eastern District of Texas, our practice is often nationwide (see Selected Clients).

When assisting debtors, the firm emphasizes strategic legal planning for financially troubled businesses including reorganization and collections, being aware of the practical aspects of running a business in a troubled business environment.

When representing creditors, not only is there an aggressive approach to protecting and enhancing the client’s interests, but common sense approaches are emphasized in the recovery efforts.

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