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Local Counsel for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Cases: Richard G. Grant, senior bankruptcy counsel in the Dallas office has been practicing in the local business bankruptcy community for over 20 years and is connected to the local courts, attorneys and community.  Mr. Grant has acted as Local Counsel in numerous complex Chapter 11 cases in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas (see representative clients).

Our role can be very limited, or as involved as may be helpful, depending upon the strategy employed by lead counsel.

As is the case with many jurisdictions, the Local Bankruptcy Rules for the Northern District of Texas (including Dallas and Fort Worth) provide a requirement for local counsel for attorneys seeking pro hac vice application or appearances in Dallas and Fort Worth Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Cases.
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Northern District of Texas Local Bankruptcy Rule 2090-4:

“][pullquote2 quotes=”false” align=”center” cite=”Northern District of Texas Local Bankruptcy Rule 2090-4 (Effective 4/1/2012)” citeLink=”http://www.txnb.uscourts.gov/sites/default/files/local_rules/LocalRules.pdf”]Attorneys – Requirement of Local Counsel

(a) Local Counsel Required. Unless exempted by Local Bankruptcy Rule 2090-1(f) [relating to attorneys for U.S. Justice Department or State Attorney General’s Office], Local Counsel is required in all cases where an attorney appearing in a case does not reside or maintain an office in this district. “Local Counsel” means a member of the bar of this court who resides or maintains an office within 50 miles of the division in which the case is pending. Attorneys desiring to proceed without Local Counsel must obtain leave from the Presiding Judge. If the request for leave is denied, written designation of Local Counsel must be filed within 14 days of the denial.

(b) Duties of Local Counsel. Local Counsel must be authorized to present and argue a party’s position at any hearing called by the Presiding Judge on short notice. Local Counsel must also be able to perform, on behalf of the party represented, any other duty required by the Presiding Judge or the Local Bankruptcy Rules.

The Firm would be happy to assist you with your local counsel needs in pending Dallas/Fort Worth/Plano Chapter 11 and other Bankruptcy Cases.

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